How To Breakdown Food Faster, And Kick Candida Butt!

So you changed your diet. You’re eating more healthy foods, and following the Anti-Candida Diet we discuss in our eBook, How To Cure Candida. But still you feel… well… off. And the tests you’ve done indicate that you still have Candida.

To add insult to injury, the fat-loss you were enjoying has slowed to a crawl. What gives? Well what if the food you were eating wasn’t being absorbed properly? What if your toilet was getting more nutrients than you?

If you have Candida, I can pretty much promise you that you have digestive issues. After all, one of the leading causes of Candida is a poor diet. Eating too much of the wrong foods can wreak havoc on your system, whether you have Candida or not.

The fallout of years of poor eating is a digestive system that can’t handle what you’re throwing at it. It’s beaten up, bruised, and unable to absorb all the nutrients you’re delivering to it.

An Anti-Candida Diet helps to heal your system, but it alone isn’t enough. You also need to include a system of supplementation that helps you break down those foods and gives you all the nutrients you need to make a full recovery — and kick Candida’s nasty butt.

How Digestive Enzymes Can Destroy Candida

Because Candida has been attacking your body for so long, it’s hard to imagine it on the defence. But Candida has a shield to match its sword, and it’s called Chitin. Once you can break through this armor, Candida falls apart.

But without the right enzymes, in the right amounts, breaking Candida down is damn hard. For some people, this isn’t an issue. But for most of us who live high-stress lives and struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a lack of digestive enzymes is an unfortunate way of life.

Fortunately, all you need to rectify the problem are two tiny little enzymes: cellulase and protease.

Both of these break down Chitin, and Protease in particular actually eats away at the cell wall of Candida! Neat, right? Once the wall is down, all your anti-fungals, whether supplemented or food-based, can come in and finish the job.

Couldn’t Stay Anti-Candida Because of Die-Off Symptoms? Well…

This is my favorite part about a good digestive enzyme, particularly one with Protease. Because Protease feeds on Candida, it actually reduces the symptoms of Candida Die-Off!

So all those headaches, nausea, and other uncomfortable feelings that accompany fast Candida Die-Off are significantly reduced, and sometimes eliminated altogether.

How to take Digestive Enzymes

If you’re on a Probiotic at all, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t take Digestive Enzymes at the same time. The Digestive Enzymes will attack the probiotics, and that’s a hassle you want to do without.

Digestive Enzymes are best taken before meals, and Probiotics need to be taken 3 times per day. What I like to do is have my Probiotics in between meals. So I might have one between Breakfast and Lunch, another between Lunch and Dinner, and the last between Dinner and sleep.

If you tend to leave a few hours between waking and your first meal, you could consider shifting your last dose of probiotic to the morning instead, between waking and Breakfast.


  1. CandiZyme – Renew Life
  2. Omega-Zyme OR Mega-Zyme – Garden of Life
  3. AbsorbMax * Trusted and Recommended

Why AbsorbMax?

Oh let me count the reasons:

  1. 16 digestive enzymes
  2. Plenty of Candida fighting protease
  3. Innovative addition of three support nutrients
    • cayenne pepper
    • coral trace minerals
    • ginger
  4. BioTRUST’s a great company, and gives you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a whole year.
  5. Great for Gluten and Lactose Intolerance

Yep. BioTRUST’s AbsorbMax has become a CandidaGuys favorite. Yeah, yeah, we know, we already hyped up BioTRUST’s awesome probiotic Pro-X10 last week, and their Digestive Enzyme is just as good. AbsorbMax doesn’t have as many digestive enzymes as Omega-Zyme does, but BioTRUST’s product has been designed specifically for Lactose and Gluten Intolerant people.

I care about this because so many of you guys, and my own clients and friends, have come to me describing issues with lactose and gluten. These are two things that are very hard to avoid. They sneak their way into our foods at restaurants, and so I wanted to suggest a product I knew could help with that, while at the same time helping you kick Candida to the curb.

Already Got a Digestive Enzyme?

Already have a Digestive Enzyme? Which one do you use? Is it one of the ones we’ve recommended? We love to know what our readers are using, so please share with us in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “How To Breakdown Food Faster, And Kick Candida Butt!

  1. Syamal Mitra

    I started the process of decandidisation, if you like, little over a month now. Changed diet and an antifungal (garlic pearls) in place, got delivery of Bowtrol colon cleanser (labelled as a Probiotic) just a few days back and statted on that too. I feel a slow change coming along and feeling candida die-off symptoms. In such scheme of things, please tell me where Biotrust’s Pro-X10 (another Probiotic) and AbsorbMax (an Enzyme) fit in? If one goes by priority, I guess in my case, the enzyme should get priority over another probiotic. Am I right?

    1. bobbie fleming

      I’ve had great luck with Candidase by Enzymedica – pricey but works well. And Ultra Jarro-dophilus for the probiotic. “Clearing” the acupuncture meridians on my hands (rubbing along each finger) while sitting with a candida sample on my lap or against my belly helps too. (I know – sounds a little woo woo, but whatever helps :-) Sticking to the diet is important. Millet has been a big help to keep me feel full and ease the carb desire. I’ve had candida for so many years it’s going to take a while. I’ve been working on it for 3 years and I’m so much better. I had gotten to the point where I was actually passing out from it, and I was so sensitive to it that my partner who, as is often the case, has it too was unable to touch me without making me collapse. I know how weird all this sounds, but it’s true. Thanks for being there for us!


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